Chocolate Raspberry Terrine

This is a great recipe for a hot summer day and for impressing guests.  It makes for a beautiful presentation looks lovely when sliced.
Advanced & Core Plan
Serves 6

2 containers raspberries (about 1 1/2 cups)
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
4 cups stevia or erythritol sweetened vanilla ice cream (like So Delicious brand), softened

Mash the raspberries in a bowl and mix with softened coconut milk ice cream.  In a separate bowl, mix softened coconut milk ice cream with the cocoa powder.

Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap.  Pour in chocolate mixture and spread it flat then top with the raspberry mixture.  Freeze until set and serve.


2 responses to “Chocolate Raspberry Terrine

  1. We are on the advance plan and I thought we were to avoid sugars. So can we really eat this ice cream? Can we eat beets as well. I thought the book said no to beets, carrots? Sorry I’m still trying to figure all this out. Thanks for your recipes though.

    • You will need to find the stevia or erythritol sweetened ice cream (So Delicious is the brand I use- look for the teal top) and it is Advanced Plan approved! You should avoid carrots on the advanced plan but beets are OK.

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